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Jay Mandarino from CJ Graphics fame showing has awesome skills of ballet skiing. He's the best I've ever seen in real life... It's a young persons sport and he's over 50 when I shot this... and he's got a smunched leg from an earlier ski accident. With risk of further inflating his ego, I must say it is Impressive. 

Popular in the 1980's. It's a great compliment to skateboarding skills.  I think it's going to come back in style soon. See more on ballet skiing here...

I'd like to see ballet snowboarding. That would have a high concussion risk. Ouch.

Book Burning

This video demonstrates what happens when Friday afternoon gets away on you and you start putting random items in your laser cutter. This is a beautiful little Canadian Art notebook that we made last year. It was a bit too thick and a fire started inside. It smoldered away until the book was consumed.

This will be banished to the halfbakery soon.  It doesn't really belong here.
Book Burning from Doug Laxdal on Vimeo.

My first cat video

This is Rosie, our cat.  She's an absolute sweetheart.  She has a brother named Rocket.  This is Rosie hanging around our kitchen and courtyard.  She rarely goes any further.

This was shot on my iPhone 5 and imported into Adobe After Effects where it was colour enhanced and stabilized, which gives it the weird wobbly look with lots of artifacts around the edges.

Rosie from Doug Laxdal on Vimeo.